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Internet Safety

Stay Safe on the internet

The internet is a really exciting place for young people to learn, get information and chat with friends. As we use the internet for a variety of things it makes sense to 'stay safe' online just as you would in the real world

Here are some tips for surfing the internet safely.

Keep your password safe and don't tell anyone else even your best friends.
Never tell anyone you meet on the internet your name, address, telephone numbers.
Use a nickname instead of your real name in chat rooms or when chatting with anyone online.
Remember your page is still a public place, so putting anything on your page that you wouldn't want your parents, teacher or boss to see is not a good idea.
Be aware that people online may not be what they seem, adults can pretend to be children with similar interests to yourself.
Do not stay in a chat room if anyone says anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or worried and make sure you tell someone you trust.
Make sure you filter your searches on line- especially if you are doing an image search.
Take care to spell correctly - When typing a search entry even a small spelling mistake can bring up un- wanted results.
Keep your email address private.
Log out of websites before you leave a computer so no-one can pretend to be you.

Mobile Phone Safety Tips

Only give your mobile number to your friends and people that you trust.
If someone is pressuring you into giving them your number, tell someone you can trust.
Keep your phone with you at all times
When out and about don't carry your phone where it can easily be seen
Don't lend your phone to someone you don't know or trust
Don't leave your phone unattended, or put it in a place where other people could get hold of it.
Use your pin number to lock your phone when you're not using it. And keep your pin number secret!
Always think before you send once you send pictures or other personal details, you never know where they might end up.
Never reply to texts from people you don't know if you don't know the sender it's best to delete it.
If you have Bluetooth on your phone, keep this switched off when you are not using it.

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