Armley Junior's Project 4 Young People


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Lakeside Residential

The group chose the destination and were active in the planning and preparation and fundraising for the residential. It was funded mainly through PAYP (Positive Activities for young People).
From the outset the residential was planned as a girl's only event, with female workers.
However as is often the case this needed to change due to some girls changing their minds! To fill the places we offered on a first come first served basis the spare places to boys who attended Armley Juniors Project 4 Young People, the places were snapped up. To accommodate the boys within the new mixed group we amended some of the chosen activities along with the sleeping arrangements.
Also taking into consideration the new mixed group status we took additional male staff with us!
All the young people engaged fully within the residential experience participating in all the activities including: abseiling, climbing, canoeing, fell walking night line and king swing, some were better than others but all gave it plenty!
One young person lost his trainer in the mud, do you know who?

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