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Armley Juniors Project 4 Young People is an area determined, voluntary sector, community development organisation. That works in a holistic and supportive manner to enhance community cohesion. We currently offer services to children, young people, the wider family and other community members, incorporating return to learn and employment opportunities. All services are tailored to the individual to assist them to reach their full potential. In doing so, we aim to help them make a positive contribution to the social and economic well-being of our community

Armley Juniors Project 4 Young People believes that:

All have the right to feel safe and secure in their lives, be treated with respect and to feel good about themselves.
Armley Juniors Project for Young People offers space, time and information to help this happen.
We support and believe in all so that they can develop their own emotional resilience.
We accept all, as individuals and encourage them to live their own lives in the way that they choose.


Our Aims are to help members of our community to:

Be Healthy- we aim to achieve this by utilising Activities which are based around sport with strong elements of social education.
Stay Safe. - The project aims to provide safe environments for young and old to learn new skills this is achieved within our youth centre known as the open access point and Cow Close Community Corner!
Make a positive Contribution to society- We aim to do this by diverting community members from falling into anti-social and criminal behaviour by involving them in positive and supportive activities.
Achieve economic wellbeing-not being prevented by economic disadvantage from achieving their full potential in life.

In order to achieve this, our objectives are to:

Maintain a dedicated and motivated staff.
Develop a strong working partnership with all interested parties.
Organise enriching activities.
Provide excellent facilities.
Guide young people to achieve their ambitions through helping them to meet short term targets/ priorities.

Our expectations are that we all:

Present ourselves in a positive way.
Listen to each other and value each other's views.
Comply with instructions, guidelines project policies and the law." Care about our own progress and that of others.
Care about our safety and well-being and that of others.
Be organised with regard to equipment and time management.
Try to take part and are not afraid to take a calculated risks, in order to meet a challenge.
Work towards a successful future.
Try to be enthusiastic, smiling and responsive whilst maintaining a business-like approach to our work.

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