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Armley Juniors Project 4 Young People is a Youth Project which aims to assist young people make the most of themselves!
One way we achieve this aim is by offering an alternative learning programme.
At present we are able to offer a variety of certificated courses, as shown below:
Basic First Aid, Save A life, Food Hygiene Fire Safety Awareness, Web Design, Working with Others, World Wide Web and Drugs Awareness., Safeguarding children and others, Construction skills. In addition we now utilise the Youth Train NOCN (National Open College Network)
The Youth train units are made up of Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria. The Learning Outcomes are what the young person will be expected to know, do or understand by the end of the programme.
Qualifications in Progression,
There are three sizes of qualification: Award, Certificate and Diploma. The number of credits required for each size of qualification varies, depending on the level.
With careful unit selection some young people will be able to achieve a full Step-Up Qualification, or a full Qualification in Progression
Armley Juniors can offer any of the above courses at times to be arranged for individuals or a group of up to 6(maximum) young people .These courses are available to either school years 8, 9, 10 or 11 students. Additionally we offer a similar service to young people who have left school and are NEET (Not in Education Employment or training) up to 23 yrs. of age (funding dependant)
Each course will last up to 12 weeks, (please contact us for specific details). At the end of which both internal and external certificates may be awarded depending on students reaching required measured outcomes.
All courses will take place at Armley Juniors Open Access point, 26 Heights Drive Wortley.
We offer flexible learning, just contact us to discuss group or individual learning requirements.

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